Protect your mobile world

Our insurance is all about what's important to you. That's why we've added a big extra benefit to step up your security and help take care of what's on your phone.

Read on to take a tour of the Tesco Phone Recovery benefits.

Look after your numbers

We've put more of what you value in our Phone Insurance.

Over half of us fear losing our phone and over half of us have experienced the misery of losing all our important phone numbers*. That's why we've created a service that lets you backup your contacts and get them back onto another phone.

Got our insurance? Run a backup now so losing your phone doesn't mean losing your numbers!

*NEWAsurion Research 2010

Lock a missing phone to secure your data

You may hold a lot of personal information on your smartphone. If it goes missing, you can use our service to lock it using your computer or another phone.

As soon as you've locked your smartphone it'll be blocked from making calls and your data will be safe from unwanted eyes - even if the SIM's changed. You can unlock it any anytime using your chosen phone lock code.

Once that's done, call your network to block your SIM so it can't be used in a different phone.

Sound a siren to find your misplaced phone

Can't put your hands on your smartphone? Here's a handy feature to help you find it.

Use another mobile to send a lock message to your mobile number and your smartphone will sound a siren at full volume – even if it's set to silent. All you need to do is follow the sound.

If your smartphone's been stolen, then sound the siren to give any thief an uncomfortable surprise.

Locate a lost phone

Not sure where you left your smartphone? We can help you find its location using your computer or another mobile phone.

As long as your smartphone has a signal, you'll get a map showing you where it is so you can go and pick it up.

Never attempt to locate or recover your phone if it's been stolen or it's not in a familiar location. Simply report it to the Police and call us to make a claim.

Make your phone useless to others

Tesco Phone Recovery lets you lock a missing phone and prevent anyone else from using it.

If you've locked your smartphone using your computer or another mobile phone, it'll be blocked and secure. But we don't stop there. If you haven't locked your smartphone, we'll step in and lock it immediately if someone tries to use it with a different SIM.

If you swap SIMs regularly, don't worry. You can switch this security feature off by changing your settings in your online account.

Be reunited with your phone

We've made it easy for anyone finding your phone to help reunite the two of you.

Switch on a locked phone and it'll show our Report Found phone number. We'll get the phone back to its rightful place* and send the finder a little present to thank them for their good deed.

If you haven't made a claim, we'll get any found phone back to you. If we've settled your claim, the found phone belongs to the insurer.

Step up your mobile protection today!

When you take our Phone Insurance we'll set up your Phone Recovery account* and send a text message to your phone to get you started. Simply follow the quick steps to complete activation. Then you can relax and enjoy peace of mind for your mobile world.

If you deleted our activation text then contact us and we'll help you get started.

* Most but not all phones work on the Phone Recovery Service. Click Here for details.

Your Phone Recovery Account

Step up your mobile protection! Save your phone contacts, lock your phone and even locate a lost phone.
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